In times of social unrest there is only one thing to do… GO HEAVY!

Season of Doom presents seven apocalyptic nights of widescreen riffs and ethereal transitions in Manchester’s Gorilla and Albert Hall.

Prepare for B̶r̶e̶x̶i̶t̶ Doomageddon.

Helmet | 9th Oct | Gorilla

Pelican | 16th Oct | Gorilla

Melt Banana | 21st Oct | Gorilla

Sunn o))) | 27th Oct | Albert Hall

Earth | 11th Nov | Gorilla

Envy | 12th Dec | Gorilla

Boris | 16th Dec | Gorilla

Tickets on sale now

Tickets also get you free entry into Doomageddon – the Afterparty at Deaf Institute Black Friday 20th December