Hello lucky The 1975 at Gorilla gig friends!

It is nearly time for the wildest gig we have ever had, we are buzzing and judging by our social media, you all are too!

Here’s some important info and answers to your FAQs so you can plan for the big day!

Where is Gorilla?

Whitworth Street, M15WW is the postcode. We are across from The Ritz and underneath Oxford Road Train station.

How do we queue?

Our team will set the barriers out when they arrive at 8am so you’ll know where to wait.

We will have security on all day to make sure no one pushes in etc. A numbering system will not be in place.

We will provide bins for your rubbish, please be mindful of leaving rubbish / blankets etc. We are not responsible for any of your personal items.

Gorilla is an intimate venue with a capacity of 520. You will be able to see every curl of hair on Matty Healy’s head from every inch of the music hall.

Overnight camping

Greater Manchester Police will remove people camping under the arch way; we don’t want to get in trouble, we don’t want you to either. It is a cold and damp archway and the weather forecast for tonight is breezy with the chance of rain. We want you all to be fit and healthy for the gig.

What can we do at Gorilla?

You can eat, get a brew, and use the loo. We do food from 11am-22:00pm and it is nice and snuggly in here if you need to defrost for a little bit and grab some food.

The music venue will be completely secure/inaccessible to you until doors open at 7pm But it will be fun to meet you all – we have all become Twitter pals the last few weeks which has been very wholesome and fun!

Ticket Stuff

We have said this so many times and we will keep saying it: To enter the venue you will need to match the ticket to ID/Bank card that you bought the ticket with. You will need to be with the person who bought the ticket to get into the venue.

If you buy a ticket from someone on the internet, Viagogo or anywhere like that and it does not match ID/Bank card you will not be able to enter the venue.

During the gig

As gig goers / music lovers we totally get how exciting, emotional, and overwhelming these shows can be. If things get a little too much for you and you need a breather, just come and find our security or one of the team – we will happily take you for some air, a sit down and a quiet minute until you feel happy to go back in. We are all here to make sure you have the best night ever!

We can not wait to be singing along and witnessing how wild Matty is going to be, we are very honoured to have this show at ours – it is going to be brilliant!

Team G x