It’s only the best BTS From our Bar & FOH teams.

Photography & Words: Liv McMullen


Picture this: you’re wandering through the supermarket buying bits for your tea, you stumble across rows upon rows of Quality Streets: The Christmas aisle.


Think again, it’s happening whether you’re ready or not.


The festive season is ALREADY in full swing here at Gorilla. The Christmas parties are rolling in, the festive menu is cooking, the wine is mulling and we’ve been busy making lists and checking them twice (and then at least 3 more times just to be sure).

Alongside all of that loveliness and the usual hustle and bustle of Gorilla life, our team have donned their rose-tinted glasses and taken a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about our own Christmas parties from days gone by!

Christmas is in 86 days, by the way, not sorry x

Here is a small highlight reel of some of our best reminiscence, some old faces, many familiar faces.  Some fantastic outfits, plenty of booze, a lot of warm fuzzy feelings, and Ben Thompson (he’s a model by the way).

Very lovely stuff. No?

Big love, Gorilla x