We’ve done a big thing.

Words: Lau Christou / Photography: Lydia Wakelam


It’s no secret that we’re huge on restoring and regenerating existing spaces that we love. Our history oozes it, from Albert’s Schloss & Hall, The Deaf Institute, to our grand transformation from The Green Room into the multi-faceted venue we are today.

What a difference the years make.

Hey, did you know: our dear Gorilla houses chairs made from old melted spitfires, our ceilings are reclaimed materials from asylums and tram sheds and our big blue wall in the Club is the old boiler room from the demolished Oxford Road, BBC Studios. RIP. It’s safe to say, we love a good DIY SOS at Mission Mars.

So it seems strange, that we would neglect our website for so long; often the first point of contact between us and our guests.

To say that first impressions are the ones that last, we’ve been flooded with dread for quite some time now and we’re sorry you’ve had to see us this way.

We hold our hands up; the navigation throughout was embarrassingly difficult, even attaining general information was a chore and proved difficult for even our most experienced teams.

The general census was shocking. You’ve dealt with a lot and we’re grateful you stuck around despite the online shambles.

Finally, after a lot of love, graft and heavenly design – we’re ready.

So without further ado, here we are.

Have a look around, ask questions, leave your feedback. We really do appreciate it all.

Apologies if you find anything we may have missed, if you can let us know, we’ll be happy to grab you a pint in thanks!

Happy browsing.

Big love, Gorilla x