3rd April 2024 - 7:00 pm

A shrouded yet essential figure in the Michigan rap scene, Veeze is somewhat of a musical

enigma, building one of the genre’s most die-hard fan bases despite rarely releasing material of

his own. Though he solidified his inimitable, lethargic style on debut mixtape Navy Wavy (2019)

and a sparse collec-on of 2020s anthems, he remained as prominent outside of music as within

it, a constant presence in the social spheres and music videos of the region’s most prolific

ar-sts. The release of his 2023 effort Ganger brought him major critical attention and Billboard chart placings.

Appearing on the scene in 2019, rapper Veeze was immediately identifiable through his

understated vocals and breathy ad libs, debu-ng singles “Big Draco” and “Itself” before landing

a local hit with the inimitable “Rusty.” In what would become his most prolific run, the rapper

quickly capitalized with a string of 14 singles and collaborations, including several tracks with

close associate and fellow Michigan mainstay Babyface Ray (“Half & Half,” “Red Key,” “Exo-cs”).

His slick, effortless take on the region’s sound con-nued on the rapper’s first mixtape, Navy

Wavy (2019), an 11-track set with appearances from local figureheads Beno, Babyface Ray, and Peezy.

In the early 2020s, Veeze appeared in music videos and social media while dropping sporadic

features and singles of his own. He began 2020 with some one-off experimenta-on — the

drowsy “Them One Guys,” the Kanye West flip “Flamie Foxx,” and the Big Pun-sampling “Fat

Albert” — before his regional sound con-nued to develop on solo singles “Veeze Glo,” “Yoa

Twin,” and “Friend of Mine.” This loose schedule con-nued into 2021 and 2022, with the rapper

drip-feeding singles like “A&W,” “Kurt Angle,” “Choppas in Hawaii,” and “Let It Fly.” With a

slower release schedule came a more dedicated fan base — several online channels dedicated to

the rapper soon aOracted a following of their own, piecing together unreleased songs previewed on his social media.

In 2023, he released one of his biggest singles, “GOMD,” as well as a remix featuring Lil Uzi Vert.

Both versions appeared on the second Veeze full-length, Ganger, which also included

appearances by Lucki and Lil Yachty. The rapper received increased press coverage, and the

release charted in the Billboard 200.



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