24th February 2024 - 7:00 pm

SLIFT is made up of brothers Jean and Remí Fossat and Canek Flores, who first met the

brothers Fossat at (of all things) school. After the band formally came together in 2016, they

quickly made their 2017 debut EP, Space Is the Key, which merged stoner rock’s heaviness

with the sugar-rush qualities of garage rock. From there, things only got weirder: The trio

experimented with faster tempos and bongos(!) on the following year’s full-length La Planeté

Inexploreé, and in 2019, their KEXP session recorded at the Trans Musicales festival in Rennes

became a viral sensation, racking up more than 1.4 million YouTube views


Gorilla 54-56 Whitworth St
Manchester M1 5WW