Paris Paloma
17th November 2024 - 7:00 pm

Paris recently announced her highly anticipated debut album ‘Cacophony will be released on 30th August via Nettwerk. Her ethereal sound and fiery lyrics evoke powerful emotional responses from fans, as witnessed on her previously released tracks my mind (now), drywall’,as good a reason’, yeti’, and the viral single that ignited it all, ‘labour’. The album’s 15 tracks range from the tender and heartbreaking to the sublimely aggressive and vengeful. Taking influences from dark pop, folk, and indie, Paris creates a discography that evokes something primal, powerful, and innately feminine. Pre-order HERE.

The album title, ‘Cacophony, is inspired by Stephen Fry’s Mythos, ruminating on the creation myth. “From this chaotic cosmic yawn, creation sprang forth,” Paris explains, “so this is a collection that makes sense of the overwhelming space of my mind where my anxiety, my OCD, and trauma processing lives”. The album tracklisting is as follows:


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