King No-One
15th March 2024 - 7:00 pm

Plus special guests 


Lower Loveday 

Philosophy. By definition is, ‘the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge,

reality, and existence.’ King No-One aim to find the answers to the questions

posed to them through their reality and existence, your existence and mine.

Questions that we as a society and we as humans have all asked ourselves at one

point or another.

Their existence is one rooted in the North. The North of England, Leeds to be

specific. Initially beginning life as a childhood friendship between singer Zach

Lount and guitarist Joe Martin, from the beginning the bond between the two was

an integral lifeline in a small town in Yorkshire that offered few others, for those a

little different. Adding drummer James Basile to the fold after meeting in college,

they performed and released music for a couple of years as a trio, before recruiting

bassist Rob Gration.

The quartet have released a string of singles over the years, with two notable

bodies of work in the form of EP’s; 2019’s ‘Out Of My Mind’ and 2023’s ‘The Dead

Hotel’. Highly infectious pop-rock riffs and stadium-sized hooks are woven

throughout the bands sound, and the strength of the material is made only better

when witnessed in a live setting; for the band have established themselves as a

thrilling and memorable live act, pulling in a cult and sub culture of their own.

The band have toured consistently over the years, constantly honing their craft

through experience. Learning the nuances of how to make a good show great, and

how to make a great show f***ing fantastic. It is commonplace to see Joe roaring

through a solo on his knees while Rob wails, flinging himself off of the riser. Often

James will rip through a drum fill so viscously that his sticks will splinter. All of this

taking place while Zach is singing not from stage but stood up on the bar at the

back of the venue, or in the palms of their fans on the barrier. And this kind of

show paired with their dynamic songwriting hasn’t gone unnoticed. They have a

dedicated following up and down the UK, regularly selling out venues on biannual

headline tours to an infatuated fanbase. A fanbase that is now spreading

throughout Europe after the band made a conscious and devoted effort to forge a

success for themselves not just on English shores. This is a theme that has shown

itself throughout their career. A sheer will and determination to get what they want,

to create success for themselves and their reality. For if they don’t who will? Quite

a philosophical take, you could say.

And so to new material, a new single and a new chapter in the story of King No-

One. ‘I Feel Strange’ is the latest tale to provide an insight into the conscious of

Zach. ‘I Feel Strange’ is about exactly what it suggests; a statement about just

that, feeling strange, being strange and haplessly holding on. A hard-hitting rock

song featuring a roaring bass riff and a driving drum beat that is destined to be the

soundtrack to mosh pits up and down the country. It questions life and death, the

fragility of both and the state of the world we find ourselves in. Rather

philosophical, huh? Of course it is, it’s King No-One.


Gorilla 54-56 Whitworth St
Manchester M1 5WW