21st February 2025 - 7:00 pm

Beloved Spanish indie rockers Hinds—a.k.a Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote, recently announced their utterly triumphant fourth, VIVA HINDS, out September 6th via Lucky Number. Today, following the release of “Coffee” and Boom Boom Backfeaturing Beck, the band share a brand new single. Entitled En Forma,” the track is the band’s first release to be sung entirely in Spanish. With rapid-fire delivery, the duo mirror the head-spinning anxiety of the onset of a panic attack on this song.

On the new single, Carlotta shares “My boyfriend broke up with me and I turned 30 years old in the same week. This was the first song I could write after months of feeling absolutely devastated, immobile and pathetic. I just wanted to get better but I just couldn’t, I couldn’t cope with this eternal race of being happier and better and cleaner and healthier.” Ana adds, “When I talk with my girlfriends, in the same afternoon we can chat about wars, philosophy, love and clothes. I tried to reflect on this song the chaos and huge spectrum of what it’s like to be a young woman these days. How overwhelming it can be to juggle the news, politics, our bodies, relationships and laundry.” Listen/Stream “En Forma” HERE & watch their self-directed music video HERE.


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