We’ve got full hearts

& full bellies.

Words: Lau Christou


I feel like I’m still buzzing from last week’s six-course showcase, in an elongated food-coma daze, months of preparation paid off and our lovely home was filled with delicious dinners and lovely diners.

If you couldn’t make it last week, wipe away those tears and be sure to make it to our November club.

Not to rub salt in the wound, but here’s what you missed, anyway:

Six courses of (UNREAL) Northern inspired taster dishes, with a drink pairing per dish from the loveliest siblings ever – Seven Bro7hers & 4 Sis4ers.

I think it’s safe to say our team were outstanding last week and it seems apt that I start with my gratitude for their hard work. From our prep team on the bar and in the kitchen, to those giving our ravenous guests the low-down dish by dish til 1am – this was the ultimate team graft.

Every training note came through eagerly and effortlessly, with each server offering their personal touch as they buzzed between tables. Check-backs felt like a conversation with a friend, laughing at how a grapefruit emulsion or pork belly parmo had too, changed their life only hours before, rather than an essential step of service. Rightly so, our guests couldn’t fault their efforts and sung their praises throughout the evening.

To be given a platform to educate ourselves and those around us is powerful. When it tastes good too, well, we’re on to a winner.

There were so many people from our team and at our tables, who were trying food they had never tasted before; dishes that we would most likely never have ordered off our own back. Whether that’s due to a lack of visibility or experience – Gary, Frank and I wanted to create an evening for questions and conversations without the awkwardness fine dining can often possess.

For me, the feedback from our guests on Thursday night blew me away. Everything we’d been trying to stick to, everything we wanted to showcase, felt digested and understood by the company we shared.

Whatsmore, It feels like we’re about to get our teeth into something big, proving we’re more than just a pre-gig burger spot. Though, our burgers are absolutely 10/10.

From the creative brain of Gary and I, I feel like we’ve birthed something really exciting and accessible for everyone. Last week has given us a well-overdue leg-up as legitimate foodies in the city. Without needing to be pretentious or anything we’re not, I feel like we demonstrated that we really do know our shit and that we can deliver big things beyond our à la carte menus.

If this sounds right up your street, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming announcement and date for our next supper club: celebrating our unconventional, unpredictable and yet, oh-so-familiar Christmas day rituals.

Roll on the chaos.

Thank you to everyone who came and ate our dinners last week and to those who supported us from the get-go.

Big love, Gorilla x