As we begin to bid farewell to 2019, the time has come to also say goodbye to our current drinks menu.

Words: Liv Mcmullen


2018’s menu was incredible and served us so well, we did some real Dirty Work with it and came out the other side Cross-eyed and Painless. But as with all good things, we had to Take it or Leaf it. It was a Kool (aid) Thing, but Hard to Explain, so whenever we’re feeling Strained and Starving, we’ll remember it fondly over Coffee and Cigarettes.

When faced with the task of concocting a whole new drinks menu from scratch, we were Comfortably Rum, but after our bartenders got their heads together and started brainstorming, it Wasn’t Nothin’ like That. So Take that Frown and Break it, because we’ve been Dreamin’ Sins and Lies and now we are feeling much more Laid Back.

After many long, hard days of formulating ideas and devising booze pairings, we were Sick, Dirty, More Dead than Alive and there were cries of Anarchist! Hedonist! Yeah Right! heard throughout the building. But alas, now the Vesper Bells are Ringing and the menu is tried, tested and perfect.  She’s got big brown eyes, and she’s ready to be launched!  So Hold me, just like the Morning Paper and Bury me here? Because “What’s Inside: Volume II” is going to knock your socks off!



Honey, disconnect the phone and get yourselves to Gorilla on the 22nd of November for £5 cocktails all night, big tunes and even bigger vibes. Grab Jane, (she is a clerk); bring your best Diamond Girl that Could Talk for Hours, round up the Suburban Kids (they’re Burnt Out); and we’ll be waiting under our arch for you!

Last year we worked with 12 freelance creatives; showcasing their work in our venue + menu throughout the year.
This year, we’re collaborating with 18 artists to produce our finest drinks menu to date.

Big love, Gorilla x