4PM-9:00PM : £8ADV (18+)

RETRO AND DANGEROUS are here to bring Manchester the best in explosive, awesome and old school cinema; with totally excellent double bills R.A.D is all about delivering the Raddest of Retro Vibes, Iconic one liners and balls out amazing cinema!

Road House:

Patrick Swayze stars in the Retro classic Roadhouse as Dalton: a handsome, existential, hard as nails bouncer who owns both a degree in philosophy and a Mercedes. When arriving at his latest job, at the roughest spot in Missouri, The Double Deuce, Dalton crosses Wesley, the Don of the town who soon makes life more difficult for the legendary doorman. What ensues is a barrage of small town explosions, totally manly montage sequences and perhaps the greatest fight scene of all time. 

Point Break:

A rash of daring bank robberies erupt in which the bad guys all wear the masks of former presidents. Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves), a superbly named former football star who blew out his knee and became a studly crime-busting fed instead, figures out that none of the heists occur during surfing season and all of them occur when surf's down; so these robberies are totally done by some wave shredding foes. Utah goes undercover with some surfer dudes, led by Spiritual Guru Bodhi (Patrick Swayze), over the course of this cinematic masterpiece Keanu & Swayze former a close bond after super babe Tyler (Lori Petty) teaches Utah how to surf waves like a pro. Utah & Bodhi's bromance comes under threat when Utah starts to suspect that Bodhi and his pals are the Presidentially masked gang he's been pursuing all along! A RAD cinematic Bromance masterpiece.