It's the most wonderful time of the week.. Today's In Vinly We Trust is brought to you by our bartender and music guru James. He's gonna be chatting to you about his love for 'Joy Division- Still' 

''The best records have stories. The records we cherish the most are the ones that have a story that remind us of a certain time or place or the person who gave them to us. I have many records that I love and assign to certain people and certain times in my life. My favourite record also has my favourite story. 

When I was at home living in Coventry I worked in a local pub. I used to chat away to a lot of the regulars including one guy called Ray who always used to come in wearing The Smiths t-shirts. One day we got chatting about how I was moving to Manchester and our favourite Manchester bands, mine is Joy Division and I’m sure you can guess who his are.

Ray then told me about his best friend who happened to love Joy Division, and who back in 1980 had two tickets to go see them just down the road in Birmingham. Ray and his friend got too drunk and missed the gig but weren’t too bothered as they would just see them on their next tour. Two weeks later Ian Curtis committed suicide.

That last performance was recorded and released as a vinyl called Still. Featuring the only recorded version of ceremony by Joy Division which actually starts halfway through the first verse. After telling me that story Ray bought in the vinyl for me as a gift as I’m supposedly a bigger Joy Division fan than he ever was.

He may not have been able to see Joy Division live but this vinyl is the closest he ever got, and the closest ill ever get as well'' 

What a beautiful story, always knew we would get an amazing blog post from James! Nice one mate!